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Herbalist, NC
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About Me

Hello, my name is Justine and I am an herbalist and nutrition consultant who wants to facilitate in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. I educate, encourage and facilitate individuals and their families. Each individual has their own story and struggles, and therefore is treated as uniquely as they are.

My journey began when I started having my own issues with digestion, managing stress and irritability; I knew there were some major life changes I needed to make. Being a person who has always loved to get creative in the kitchen with cooking, learning about food and enjoying eating all kinds of food I knew educating myself about food was a good start for me. I found the two-year Nutrition Consultant program through Baumann College in 2010, which focused on using food to aid in an individuals health. The program takes a holistic approach of the person and how diet, lifestyle and spiritual health choices affect an individual’s body and health. It is an in-depth study program geared in nutritional biology and therapeutic food.

Fast forward to 2018, after support from my acupuncturist, chiropractors and attending my first herbal festival I was guided to start my next chapter of education. I completed Lise Wolff’s Three Seasons of Herbal Wisdom 10-month program. I found a true love in learning, seeing, touching and making medicine from local plants. This program gave me a new avenue and level of wellness that I have been successfully sharing with my own children, family and loved ones. I am so excited to assist you in your new journey with me.

Until we meet…..in good health and happiness!

Herbalism & Nutrition

Have you ever looked around and wondered why are all these plants, trees, fruits and vegetables here? There must be a divine purpose for all of these things, right?

Why Herbalism and Nutrition?

Herbalism is our ability to see and use plants/plant parts for preventing, treating illness and promoting overall health. It has been used since the beginning of time.

Nutrition is fuel for our vital force as we consume food for a large majority of our waking hours. What we chose to feed our body affects our overall health and is our first and most important form of preventative medicine.

Both herbalism and nutrition are specific to the individual. These forms of support are continually growing, adapting and changing just like the human body.

I believe all of this is here for us. To help us, teach us, support us, as long as we respect, honor and give thanks for all nature has to offer.


“Coming from California, there are many acupuncturists, herbalists, and alternative medicine therapy specialists to see who claim to be knowledgeable- but Justine has been the only person who has fixed my digestive condition. Not only did she help immediately cure me of a condition I’d been dealing with for many years, but she also was intuitive and helped me with a handful of other issues that I didn’t even think about to work on (bruising, immune system, and my kids nutrition/behavioral issue). She deals with kids and adults and I will be traveling and also calling just to have her expertise for years to come as she always has the most up-to-date answers and hits the nail on the head just by listening to a few details. Thanks Justine, we need more of you!”


"I never really gave much thought as to what I put on or in my body before I became pregnant with my first child. My daughter is in daycare and therefore would get sick quite frequently with a runny or stuffy nose, cough, and the dreaded diaper rash. I was prescribed a cream from our doctor for a yeast diaper rash. It took almost an entire week to see any improvements. Plus, almost all of the ingredients I either couldn't pronounce let alone know what they were. That got me thinking, "why would I want to continue putting this on my baby's sensitive skin?" I spoke to Justine and she recommend I try her plantain salve. I was skeptical at first because nothing seemed to work. I put a thin layer on at bedtime that night and crossed my fingers that I would see some sort of improvement in the morning. I opened my daughter McKenna's diaper the following day and to my surprise, her diaper rash was significantly reduced. The redness and bumps were barely visible.

I could change her diaper and she wouldn't be crying like before. McKenna has very sensitive skin. So to be able to find something that was gentle enough for her to use and to see the results I did after one night made me a believer in using more natural products on her. I have since called the plantain salve my "miracle cream" and use it on just about everything from diaper rashes to dry skin and even for McKenna's eczema. Justine has been a pleasure to work with. I can't wait to work with and learn more from her in the future."



Where I am Located:

I am in Eagan, Minnesota
I will travel around the St. Paul/Minneapolis/South Metro area.

Justine Kolb
Herbalist, NC

Client Bill of Rights


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